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Thank you to everyone that backed the campaign! All of the rareBit Lite Sets have shipped to early backers! 

So what's next? It's been a very long journey, but we're just getting started! For the remainder of 2022, the rareBit team will focus on gathering feedback from current Lite Set owners, making repairs if necessary,  and improving upon the design. With this effort in mind we will not be producing any more Lite Sets as they are currently designed. Many rareBit supporters have reached out asking about opportunities to order more Flag sets. While we're thrilled to see the continued support and demand for rareBit products, unfortunately we are going to have to put off additional orders for some time while we work on our designs (intentional plural). 

There will be more opportunities in the future! As stated, we are just getting started; rareBit Pro Sets are in development as well as additional products that will pave the way for receiving alerts on a smartwatch. You just might end up using rareBit Flags with familiar and established Referee apps. So for now, we will return to a product and business development phase. As always, we'll do our best to keep everyone updated on the progress. 

Kickstarter Page:

rareBit on Kickstarter

rareBit on Kickstarter

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